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Imagine our future world is distributed



the current movement towards distribution is changing the way we access data and share information. Sensor data is not not only stored distributed, but also owned distributed – this changes the way we handle data and AI is used.





How Public Ledgers are changing AI & the world

Imagine ...






… when  vehicles don’t need humans

Automotive will transform to mobility, current ideas of car types will vanish, new concepts rise. But who will make the race? And where will disruptive ideas happen?


Current Development of Autonomous Vehicles

Imagine ...


… when  A.I.+ exceeds human intelligence

There are risk with super intelligent machines, but AI+ will also be able to solve many problems. Besides help at everyday tasks, it could possibly diminish diseases, accelerate our knowledge in science and compute solutions to world problems.


What are the A.I. risks? Solutions for the problems!

Imagine ...


… when you can have a digital twin


By reading your mails, chats, social profiles and listening to your talks and speeches – your personal digital twin will know you so very well – she/he/it could handle  many not so important decisions for you!


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Artificial Intelligence – Claudio R&D +++ DIstributed Ledger

Claudio & co. has doing Research & Development in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for many years. Focussing on Deep Learning with aspects from Neuroscience for analysing BigData towards AGI, as well as Natural Language Processing for improved and people-centric Human-Computer-Interaction. We like to solve the connection between World-knowledge databases (symbolic) and statistical machine learning.
The current quest is to gather data, which is more and more coming from IoT not only on a Blockchain, but encrypted on a next generation Distributed Ledger.

www.ai-claudio.com is engaged in research, authoring articles, blogging and connecting the communtiy.
Please feel free to browse through the posts or to get in touch through the contact form below.

MHP – A Porsche Company

MHP is a leading consulting firm in digitalisation and automotive and a subsidary of Porsche.

Nonetheless MHP is consulting many other companies then Porsche AG as well, like 6 automotive manufacturers, 90% of the German Top 25 automotive suppliers, a third of all German Top 100 commercial enterprises (by turnover) …

For inquiries about Consulting for Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Connected Car or Industry 4.0 with Blockchain – feel free to contact Claudio @ Big Data Analytics in MHP or via phone: +49 151 4066 7937


UDACITY Machine Learning – 1 Supervised

UDACITY is an online education well known by many experts from science and industry has a set of  3 courses with the topic “Machine Learning”. The first one is calles “Machine Learning: Supervised Learning”.

They are hold by

Michael Littman, Professor of Computer Science at Brown University and

Charles Isbell, Professor and Senior Associate Dean at the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech

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