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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the Age of Autonomous Driving - ai-claudio Artificial Intelligence
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In the last time a lot of great AI core software came out.TensorFlow
TensorFlow by Google integrated the code of DeepMind and is strong in imae recognition as well as natural language processing.
Besides the OpenAI group is working on a open and bigplayer independent AI platform for the masses. Of cource also Microsoft is strong with Machine Learning on Azure and Amazons DSSTNE is still living a shaddow life.

Within Automotive there are news everyday about new accomplishmens. Like from Audi, Mercedes, Telsa and all the others. Also IT gigants like Google and open-secretly Apple as well as often critizised Uber.

Even there are many restrictions often commented – mostly within the areas of ethics and laws – it’s a clear trend towards autonomous driving with more and more driver assistance systems.

Already for me, as digital native, the software features running within a car trumps the design & interrieur etc.

Working within the Automotive area on machine learning and artificial intelligence means having great changes ahead.

So more will follow 🙂