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I ♥ keras for Deep Learning - ai-claudio Artificial Intelligence
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As responsible for the topic and team of Data Scientists in our business area, we moved to using Deep Learning more and more instead of the common classic statistical algorithms.

Of course there are a tons of different Frameworks but I ♥ keras

I came to I love keras as the meta language is able to work on top of TensorFlow, theano and also Microsoft CTNK is in development of supporting it.

Even for some, and I believe only a few, use cases the pure frameworks are more powerful – in most cases development time, optimisation, collaboration and education with it is amazingly efficient.

Read about keras: https://keras.io

Additionally, also Lasagne is such a good meta language approach. As I didn’t implement it yet in any projects, I can’t compare it much.

I will give a deeper insight in my following speeches and webinar.