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Auto Auto - αὐτός mobilis - ai-claudio Artificial Intelligence
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If you see a button with the description ‘auto’ on a machine – you know you don’t have to do much – the machine will work it out itself – and that will soon be the same for cars.

In Germany we already call a car them ‘Auto’ which is a short for ‘Automobil’, deriving from the greek αὐτός and latin ‘mobilis’ – “self moving”. Well the name has it already in it – and this year there were so many news about the selfdriving cars.

Daimlers concept car F015 has some nice elements for people inside and outside the car.


Will the be no traffic jams if all cars drive in a steady way, with a secure but short distance to each other without any surprising behaviour? No traffic lights needed when cars are connected? Order a car with a desk during daytime or a comfy couch on the evening. No need of an all purpose car – enjoy a nice sporty one if you feel like it – or an super energy efficient if you prefer.

As soon as most traffic is done by autonomous cars – or as I like to call them Auto Autos safety will increase incredible – and small cars will be as nearly as safe as huge ones.

Check out some of the latest headlines:


Some numbers say, the most advanced autonomous car already drives better then 99% of the people. This is a huge increase in saftey, plus more comfort.

My opinion: A computer scientist should not decide about life and death in a car accident – in a split-second.
But nowadays that is the case, and I am a programmer and possibly need to react in an accident in less then a second. Better have a thousand people think, talk and collaborate on programming the car to find the best moral and practical solution.


Autonomous Cars and Artificial Intelligence

Autos will be a huge field for predictive analytics, as image recognition and pattern recognition as part of machine learning is one of the ost important areas for the future autonomous cars.

[This article will be extended possibly during christmas time]