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A.I. huge at Google I/O 2015 - ai-claudio Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence is a huge topic at the ongoing Google I/O 2015.
Life from the keynote:
 most products discussed have new features heavily dependant on A.I.!


All-New Google Photos is using improved face and pattern recognition. Not only the face recognition was improved, which was already available in Google Picasa and other apps. But additionally and new to consumer photo album software – it also will use pattern recognition to add automatically searchable text tags.

Additional automatically cut and edited videos known as “auto awesome” will be improved as Google Photos “Assistant” – using A.I. internally to figure out which video sequences and photos to use.


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Google Now has more then 1 billion information pieces able to show users to assist them at their current action. Simple via (A.I. powered) speech-recognition connected information are shown.


They have mentioned that since 2013, when speech recognition had a failure of about 23%, it’s down today to 8%.  So we can expect this number to go down even further.

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With the “Context” Element in Google Now, also the speech recognition will look for textual context in a current App to easier identify words, such as international names of food. Here sometimes even the correct pronunciation is a mystery to user.



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Mr. Sundar explained that Google’s machine-learning and image recognition improved much more through Deep Learning and Deep Neuronal Networks.

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Driverless Cars

Showing the cars point of view: The cars drive on A.I.



All together it’s clear that A.I. is not only at the core of Google, it’s search algorithm, but also in many products and features – some shown above. Looking forward to see more about that within the following days of Google I/O and afterwards.


(Read all about it in the live-blog at Techcrunch, also copyright owner of some pictures in this article.)